Samsung Galaxy S20+ Leather Cover – RED

Wrap your Galaxy S20+ in soft lambskin that not only makes your phone look sleek, but feels amazing in your hand.

The soft luxury of leather: The Leather Cover wraps your phone in the easy elegance of calf leather. Buttery smooth and soft, the leather is enhanced with a microfiber lining and finished with refined aluminum buttons.

Slimmed down for a good grip: The case’s slender profile easily slides into a pocket or your bag. It also follows the beautiful shape of your phone, so the ergonomic grip is kept intact.

Take your pick, make your match: Go for a bright hue or keep it classic with a neutral. Whether you choose to match your case to your phone or try something different, there’s a range of colors to choose from.


Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 163.5 × 77 × 11 cm



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