The Edge for MacBook Air 13″ is the ultimate pairing of protection and functionality. The case features a one-piece co-molded design that uses impact-dispersing Crumple Zone Corner construction to protect vulnerable corners of the device and achieve maximum drop protection. Patented Crumple Zone Corners use a unique internal structure and contoured shape to create maximum shock absorption in the corners of the case, shielding the most vulnerable areas of the device from impact.

Compatibility – Fits MacBook Air 13″ Gen 2 (2019 devices)

Crumple Zone Corners absorb and deflect impact

Patent-pending single co-moulded design combining PolyCarbonate in the centre and Thermo Poly Urethane rubber on the sides

Lightweight, adds less than 1lb of weight to the device

Easy device installation (<15 seconds) Transparent back allows barcode scanning for easy asset management Charge cart compatible  

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Weight 0.600 kg


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