The new 91378401 Indoor Talk is 2N’s latest audio-only door communication device for use as part of a remote communication and door entry system.
This stylish glass-surfaced intercom device is for indoor use to be integrated with 2N’s wide range of IP-addressable Door Entry and Intercom Systems.
The user has the ability for 2-way audio communication with visitors to the door before allowing access. If the user is happy to allow the visitor in they can remotely unlock internal / external doors using IP-addressable remote door locks ideal in apartment living large homes or buildings where the visitor does not need to be met at the door.
The stylish and elegant 2N Indoor Talk Intercom Device allows 2-way communication with IP door intercom systems VoIP telephones or other Indoor Talk devices on the same network simply at the touch of a button.
The 2N Indoor Talk is intended for interior use only flush-mounted on the wall strategic door positions and is ideal for integration as part of a 2N IP Verso Door Entry system.
Ideal for use in apartment complexes modern interiors and high specification office environments.

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